Deciding on the Best Drug Rehabilitation for You

Sometimes, the most difficult part of finding drug rehab is deciding on the best drug rehabilitation for your individual needs. Various options exist and in a time when you’re already down and out, choosing between the many different types of drug rehab that are available to assist you can seem a daunting task. This guide should help make your decision a little bit easier by providing the information you need to choose the best drug rehabilitation for yourself or for someone you love.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

If you suffer from heroin addiction, opiate addiction, dual diagnosis, or an extremely physical addiction you should seek inpatient drug rehab. Those who do not have significant support at home or those who have already tried other methods of treatment in the past are also ideal candidates for inpatient drug rehab. The best drug rehabilitation programs typically take place in an inpatient facility where there is consistent monitoring and support for those in the recovery program.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Mild addictions, such as those to cocaine or marijuana often respond well to the therapy and treatment that is provided at outpatient drug rehabilitation programs. These programs provide monitoring, support, random drug and alcohol screenings as well as counseling and therapy but they do so on a less invasive level than an inpatient drug rehabilitation program. The best drug rehabilitation for you if you are not physically addicted or if your physical addiction does not carry a strong risk of heavy withdrawal symptoms may be outpatient rehabilitation.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

Sometimes, inpatient rehab isn’t quite necessary but sometime more intense than outpatient counseling is also needed. For those who require more strict monitoring and greater access to counseling, intensive outpatient drug rehab is the ideal choice. The best drug rehabilitation for people with moderate addictions or for those who have already completed inpatient therapy and are transitioning back into society is often in the form of the intensive treatment provided by these outpatient programs.

Choosing the Right One

Regardless of which drug rehabilitation program you choose, you may find that it takes trying a few different treatment programs and support groups out before you find the perfect fit. It’s alright if you decide to try more than one and if it takes a while to find your perfect fit—most importantly is to continue to seek help and to make every effort you can to recover from addiction before deadly consequences become a fact of your life.